Bringing a marriage to an end can be an emotionally taxing process. Fortunately, the guidance of a well-practiced family law attorney could reduce the time and money it takes to dissolve your marriage by addressing and creatively resolving many of the issues that could otherwise lead to delays.

If you are considering getting divorced in The Colony, do not put off discussing your options with a legal professional. The right counsel could help ensure your rights are protected during each stage of the marriage dissolution process. Let a divorce lawyer in The Colony advocate for you as you prepare to enter the next chapter of your life.

Time Limits on Divorce Cases

Texas courts do not allow for an immediate divorce under any circumstances. There are certain time limits under state law that should be taken into account when preparing to file a divorce in The Colony.

First, either spouse must have lived in the State of Texas for a period of at least 90 days before either can file for divorce in The Colony. Furthermore, the law imposes a waiting period before a judge can grant a final divorce. In most cases, a judge cannot issue a final judgment for divorce until at least 60 days have passed since the filing of the original petition.

There are exceptions to this waiting period, however. The judge may waive the 60-day requirement and grant a final judgment sooner when there has been a protective order issued related to family violence or if one of the spouses has been convicted or obtained deferred adjudication on a criminal offense involving family violence.

Common Disputes during the Divorce Process

Numerous factors could lead to conflict in the divorce process. While some issues can be challenging to resolve, a divorce attorney in The Colony could help bring the spouses together to reach an agreement that meets both their needs. When negotiation is not possible, a contested court hearing will be necessary to reach the final resolution of any divorce disputes.

For example, many divorcing couples face disagreement over the division of their marital assets – specifically about how property should be distributed or whether it should be categorized as marital at all.

Another common source of conflict in a divorce is the care and custody of minor children. Unlike with most other issues, the court will not allow parents to reach their own agreement regarding child custody and support. Family judges in and around The Colony are responsible for determining custody, visitation, and support rights for children to divorcing parents and must decide these issues based on the child’s best interests.

Talk to a Divorce Attorney in The Colony Today

If you are facing the breakdown of your marriage, now is the time to discuss your legal options with an attorney. Divorcing can be painful, but an attorney could simplify the process and help you avoid unnecessary conflict.

A discussion with a divorce lawyer in The Colony could prepare you for what to expect during this process. Reach out today to arrange a private consultation.

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