Welcoming a new child to your family through adoption is one of the most special things you can ever do. However, the adoption process can be very frustrating. You might face numerous delays and unexpected obstacles as you wait to expand your family. Texas adoption laws are also complicated to understand and require you to follow complex procedural requirements.

Fortunately, an adoption lawyer in The Colony could guide you through the process of adopting a child in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. The earlier in the process that you can meet with a family law attorney, the sooner you can overcome the procedural hurdles and welcome your new addition to your family.

Different Adoption Scenarios

There are many different types of adoption available in The Colony, each of which might be better suited for one family than another. To learn which adoption scenario is right in a particular case, it is advisable for prospective adoptive parents to work with a local attorney who is familiar with adoption laws and how they apply in different circumstances.

Non-Relative Adoptions

The dedicated lawyer at our firm handles infant and older children’s adoptions through private, state, interstate, and foreign agencies. Some adoptions remain closed, while others are open. If the adoption is open, a biological parent can retain some contact with the child through letters, email, or even occasional visits. An attorney in The Colony could meet with a prospective adoptive parent to learn how much contact they want their child to have with their biological parent(s) and then clearly outline the terms of the open adoption in a written agreement.

Relative Adoptions

Many adoptions occur after a biological parent goes missing, is no longer involved in their child’s life, or is simply unable to care for their child. In these cases, grandparents, stepparents, or other relatives may adopt the child to provide them with stability they need and a better quality of life.

A formal adoption would give the child the security of knowing that their placement would be permanent and that they would no longer have to fear losing their home. Adoption would also provide the adoptive parents with legal custody rights, which would allow them to make important decisions regarding the child’s welfare, as well as physical custody rights, which is the right to house the child on a regular basis.

For the adoption to proceed, a court would need to formally terminate the biological parent’s rights. A knowledgeable attorney serving The Colony could help a prospective adoptive parent follow the correct procedural requirements to terminate the birth parent’s parental rights. If the biological parent does not want to terminate their rights, a lawyer could use their experience with contested adoptions to file a claim with the court seeking an involuntary termination of their parental rights.

Attorney Matt Towson has helped people add infants and older children to their families through international and domestic adoptions. He has experience handling all types of adoptions.

Requirements to Adopt in The Colony

Texas law requires prospective adoptive parents to follow specific procedural requirements to adopt a child, including:

  • Successfully passing a home study
  • Being over 21 years old
  • Having financial stability
  • Completing a formal application with references
  • Completing a background check
  • Completing mandatory training sessions

This process can be complicated and filled with obstacles to overcome. A seasoned attorney could help guide a prospective adoptive parent through the adoption procedures imposed by state law.

Contact an Adoption Attorney in The Colony

Adoption can make a family more whole. In an adoption case, a Texas court formally creates a legal familial relationship between a child and their adopted family. An adopted child has the same rights and interests as a biological child.

If you are considering adopting a child, a skilled adoption lawyer in The Colony could help you minimize delays and overcome challenges along the way. With their knowledge and years of experience, an attorney could make the adoption process as straightforward and expeditious as possible. Begin the process by calling today.

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