Spousal support, also referred to in The Colony as spousal maintenance, is a form of monetary payments made by one spouse to another after divorce. Spousal support is also available in some cases when the divorce process is still pending. A dedicated family law attorney could advise you on when spousal support is an option and whether it is available in your case.

Whether you are entitled to support or are facing demands for financial payments, you could benefit from the guidance of an attorney. A spousal support lawyer in The Colony could help ensure your rights are protected when the court makes a decision regarding support obligations.

Qualifying for Spousal Maintenance in The Colony

Either party to a divorce has the right to request spousal support. There is no presumption that either spouse is entitled to support, and the party pursuing maintenance must establish a need for it. This could be possible with the help of a local spousal support attorney.

Maintenance is only available when a spouse requires additional financial support to meet their needs post-divorce, meaning they cannot earn sufficient income on their own despite their best efforts. These needs include housing, health care, and transportation, for example. Otherwise, a spouse must also meet other basic requirements before they can receive support payments, such as:

  • The couple was married for at least 10 years prior to filing for divorce
  • There is evidence that family violence occurred in the previous two years that resulted in either a criminal conviction or a deferred adjudication
  • The requesting spouse is disabled or caring for a disabled child and is therefore unable to earn sufficient income
  • The requesting spouse needs time to acquire education and training to earn sufficient income

Spousal maintenance is meant to give former spouses the standard of living that they enjoyed while married, so it is best to let a lawyer advocate for your needs so you can have a smoother post-divorce transition

Determining a Fair Amount of Spousal Support

The judge overseeing a divorce case will ultimately determine whether spousal support is appropriate as well as how much is necessary. An attorney who is familiar with this area of family law could offer insight into how spousal support is typically determined in The Colony. The judge may consider different factors when deciding spousal support matters, including the length of the marriage, how the marital assets are being divided, which parent has primary custody of the children, and the age and health of both spouses at the time of the divorce.

Call a Spousal Support Attorney in The Colony as Soon as Possible

Spousal support might be an option in your divorce, but it is important to understand what goes into the decision. The court is not guaranteed to rule in your favor, making it critical to present the strongest case possible.

A spousal support lawyer in The Colony could help ensure you are treated fairly during this aspect of your divorce. Call as soon as possible to speak with a professional.

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