When the courts enter a child custody agreement in The Colony, it is considered a final order. This means the agreement will remain permanently or until a subsequent court order changes these terms. It is possible to seek the modification of a child custody order with the help of seasoned legal counsel.

If you believe your child is best served by amending your custody agreement, you could benefit from discussing your options with a child custody attorney. It is important to note that there are limits to when the court will agree to modify these agreements, and a judge must act in the best interests of a child. Learn more during a discussion with a child custody modification lawyer serving The Colony.

When Modifying a Custody Agreement Could be Necessary

There are many different reasons why a parent might wish to amend the terms of a custody agreement. This can occur when there was initially a dispute over custody issues, but modification could also be sought when the original order was agreed to by both sides. In either of these situations, the guidance of a child custody modification attorney in The Colony could be vital.

The changing circumstances that could lead to a child custody modification often have to do with the health of the child or their parents. If a parent cannot care for the child for any reason, it could serve as grounds for modification. In many cases, one parent will seek to modify the child custody order after allegations of abuse surface against the other parent.

It should be noted that the law discourages parents from seeking modification immediately after an order is entered. The court is required to deny these requests if they are made within one year of the order outside of three exceptions. These exceptions occur when the parent with primary custody consents or voluntarily relinquishes custody for at least six months or if the child’s health is endangered in the current living situation.

The Child’s Best Interests are Paramount

Ultimately, a judge that is tasked with determining whether child custody should be modified must make that decision based on what is best for the child. There are other factors the court might consider, but they are secondary to the child’s best interests.

Sometimes, the child’s best interest even trumps the parents’ wishes. While a judge will consider each parent’s wishes when making a decision, these factors are secondary. A motion to modify custody will only be granted if the parent seeking the modification can show that changing the arrangement will allow them to meet the child’s needs more effectively. The burden of proof rests with the parent seeking the modification.

An attorney serving The Colony could advise on how the best interest standard might apply in a child custody modification case. With the guidance of dedicated legal counsel, it could be possible to make the case that a change is necessary.

Speak To a Child Custody Modification Attorney in The Colony Today

While it is possible to pursue a motion to modify your child custody agreement alone, it is risky to do so. This is because procedural roadblocks, delays, and legal issues could arise without the guidance of an attorney. Representing yourself could put the outcome of your motion at risk.

Let a child custody modification lawyer serving The Colony assist you with this important legal process. They have extensive knowledge and experience with successfully handling cases like this and could help you achieve a favorable outcome for your case as well. Contact our firm today to schedule a consultation.

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