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Every family has its fair share of disagreements, but some families find themselves in legal disputes over property rights, support payments, and parenting time, to name a few. Some legal disputes between family members can be resolved with independently drafted agreements, whereas others require going to court and pleading your case before a judge.

There are countless ways an attorney could assist with a family law dispute. Family law covers a wide range of legal disputes between loved ones and housemates, and a well-versed attorney could help in all of them. If you live in The Colony and need help getting through the divorce process, custody or visitation disputes, adoption issues, or anything in between, a family lawyer could be an invaluable ally.

Practice Areas

Ending a Marriage

Many people who enlist the help of a family lawyer in The Colony need help dissolving their marriage. Divorce proceedings are common, but the outcome can be unpredictable. Given what is often at stake, it is risky to go through a divorce without legal representation.

Many decisions must be made before a divorce can be finalized. Marital assets must be divided, and questions of spousal support must be answered. There are also issues related to the support and custody of minor children to address, if the spouses share kids. An experienced family law attorney could help with these and smaller details, like getting your name changed at the close of the divorce process.

Family Law Issues Involving Children

Child custody and visitation disputes can occur during or after a divorce. Custody issues between former spouses could still be raised again after their divorce has been finalized.

When the court hears issues of visitation, child custody, or child support, it is required to decide those issues in a way that serves the child’s best interests, potentially leading to final orders that are not favorable for either parent. A tenacious family lawyer in The Colony could help a parent advocate for their parental rights in and out of court.

Expanding Your Family

Family lawyers serving The Colony can also assist with expanding your family through the process of adoption. For many families in The Colony – as well as the children involved – adoption is life-changing, but there are numerous legal hurdles that must be cleared first.

Adoption is a complex process, and a single mistake could lead to lengthy delays or even lead to rejection of an application to adopt. To avoid these consequences, consider speaking to an attorney early in the process.

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Our Law Firm’s approach to your case is based on individual circumstances. Whether it is a simple negotiated settlement, or it requires an aggressive approach, we will protect and defend your best interests.

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Meet Matt Towson
Meet Matt Towson

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Whether you are seeking to grow your family or dealing with some sort of dispute, there are numerous ways an attorney might be able to help. The right legal counsel could assist you in resolving your family legal dispute so that you can move past the conflict as soon as possible.

Let a family lawyer in The Colony serve as your legal advocate during this important but difficult process. Call right away to schedule a private consultation.