When your ex does not pay you what they should in alimony, it can keep you from paying your rent, buying groceries, maintaining health insurance, or doing other things to support yourself. We could give you a way to hold your ex-partner accountable for breaking this agreement by filing suit. If your suit is successful, the court may award you any past due amounts—called arrears—and impose penalties on your ex.

Our knowledgeable alimony attorney could provide targeted advice and decisive advocacy as you embark on the Frisco spousal support enforcement process. He understands the disappointment, frustration, and stress you may be experiencing and could help create an actionable strategy to connect you with the money you are entitled to.

How and When Can Someone Seek to Enforce an Agreement To Pay Alimony?

Spousal support or maintenance is there to help someone in need sustain themselves as they transition from life as a married person to living independently. When the person cannot provide for their own financial needs, based on the criteria set out in Texas Family Code § 8.051, alimony supplements their earnings or gives them a main source of income. When the paying spouse fails to follow through on the judge’s order or valid agreement, these missed payments may disadvantage the recipient and enable them to take a stand in court.

As described in Texas Family Code § 8.059, filing a lawsuit to enforce the spousal support order in Frisco could hold the ex-spouse accountable for not sending timely or complete payments. The court may punish the person for breaking the terms of an enforceable court order or plan. However, if a judge with authority to do so did not approve the agreement in the first place, they may not be able to enforce it later.

Additionally, if the original terms—even if approved by a judge—require the person to pay more than the limits described in Texas Family Code § 8.055, the court may not be able to authorize alimony that exceeds these amounts. Instead, the judge may lower the payments or ask the people who separated to come up with a new agreement. An attorney could help a spouse fight for their right to receive support from their ex.

Possible Penalties for Unpaid Spousal Maintenance

When someone fails to follow a court order or binding legal contract, they may face a range of consequences. If the judge decides the person did not have a valid reason for not paying maintenance to their ex, they might impose fines or take money out of their disposable income to pay off the arrears. Just like with a failure to honor other types of debts, the person may have a court order entered against them that places a lien on their assets—e.g., their house—until the debt is paid.

Another penalty might involve temporarily taking away the person’s driver’s license until they catch up on payments. If the person has a history of disobeying a judge’s orders or owes a substantial amount, they may have to serve time behind bars.

A Frisco alimony lawyer could be an indispensable resource for someone who would like help with enforcing the court’s order or a binding support agreement. The attorney could call on the tools and knowledge at their disposal to understand the source of the dispute and strategize how best to resolve it.

Call a Frisco Spousal Support Attorney for Help Enforcing an Order

Ending your marriage can present unique challenges, especially if your ex stops sending you the money they promised in a court order or agreement. While the law may empower you to file a lawsuit or take other legal action to enforce your rights, you might have questions about how to do so. A seasoned attorney could help demystify this matter and provide valuable guidance and advocacy.

When you need help with any part of the Frisco spousal support enforcement process, reach out to our firm. We offer free and confidential consultations to give you the space to talk openly about your legal matters.

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