While the topic of a prenuptial agreement is an unromantic one, discussing your and your spouse’s financial and property rights before getting married can make your coming marriage that much stronger. Instead of making couples more likely to divorce, prenups can help strengthen a relationship and help avoid future disputes in the marriage and in the event of divorce.

A knowledgeable prenuptial agreements lawyer in The Colony could help ensure that your interests are adequately represented and your assets are protected in a comprehensive marital contract. Let a local attorney help you take this important step before marriage.

Advantages of Having a Prenuptial Contract

Prenups are legally binding contracts that engaged spouses enter into prior to getting married. These agreements determine what happens to the couple’s assets and finances in the event of a divorce or upon the death of either spouse. There are several advantages of signing a pre-marital contract.

Improved Communication between Spouses

Prenuptial agreements help future spouses discuss important matters before marriage. Couples who figure out financial issues in advance often have less to argue and worry about during their marriage. Because prenups in The Colony require spouses to disclose all of their assets and debts, they remove future surprises and, therefore, future conflict.

Protection of Individual Assets

Pre-marital agreements protect the assets of both spouses. Prenups are particularly helpful if one spouse is bringing significantly more assets into the marriage than the other. For example, a prenuptial contract could be beneficial when one party inherited family wealth or has an interest in a family-owned business.

Shield from Debt

If one spouse has a large amount of debt that they acquired before getting engaged or even before the wedding date, a prenup could protect the other spouse from having to assume responsibility for that debt in the event of a divorce. For example, without a prenuptial agreement drafted by an attorney in The Colony, one spouse may learn two years into their marriage that the other incurred $100,000 in credit card debt prior to getting married. If that couple had signed a prenup, the former would have known about the latter’s debt before getting married and could have taken steps to protect themselves from assuming that debt.

What Terms Can a Prenup Include?

Prenuptial contracts can include terms on the ownership rights of family-owned businesses, inheritances, and pre-marital assets, as well as the interests and rights of children from previous marriages. Prenups can also determine what will happen to jointly-owned properties in the event of a divorce.

Couples in The Colony preparing to draft and sign a prenuptial contract are required to fully disclose all their assets, including:

To make the prenup legally binding and enforceable, couples must comply with the complex procedures defined under Texas law. An experienced local attorney could help determine what to include and how to precisely comply with the legal requirements when drafting a pre-marital agreement. Attorney Matt Towson has extensive experience in drafting, negotiating, and even litigating prenups.

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Nobody likes to think about the prospect of divorce before getting married. A prenuptial agreements lawyer in The Colony who understands the benefits of prenups could help you protect your assets and interests going into a marriage.

It is critical to obtain professional advice from a knowledgeable attorney who is experienced in minimizing tension between engaged spouses with amicable drafting techniques. Make an appointment to discuss your situation with a legal professional today.

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