When you are developing a co-parenting plan during a divorce or separation, it can be tricky to stay grounded, understand and assert your legal rights, and look out for what is best for your children. You and your ex may disagree on arrangements for school, shelter, healthcare, and education, or you may need help putting your agreements into the correct legal terms. Regardless of where you might be on this journey, reaching out to a seasoned child custody attorney may provide you with the clarity you seek.

Our law firm has stood by dozens of parents as they navigate Frisco child custody hearings. Our family attorney is a true team player, a zealous advocate, and someone who could find amicable resolutions to save you time, money, and energy involved with being in court. He could help prepare for custody discussions while preserving your family dynamic.

What Are the Different Custody Options?

There are a couple ways the court may structure co-parenting, depending on what is most appropriate for the situation. For example, parents who are joint managing conservators share many responsibilities, such as providing housing, healthcare, food, and educational opportunities. In contrast, if the court believes it is not suitable for the children to reside with one of the parents, one parent may act as the sole managing conservator and the other may take on the role of the possessory conservator.

In some situations, a nonparent may be the sole managing conservator of the children. This arrangement might make sense if there are serious safety threats in the home or if there are other reasons parents are unable to care for the children (e.g., because they are in jail).

An attorney who serves Frisco could help a parent prepare for the custody hearing by putting together a parenting plan following the guidelines in Texas Family Code § 153.133. Likewise, the lawyer could help them gather evidence they can use to argue for or against a particular conservatorship arrangement.

What Happens During a Child Custody Hearing?

The custody hearing is an integral part of a divorce, separation, parentage, or other Frisco case involving children. The court reviews all information about the children, the parents, and the proposed parenting plan, if applicable. During this courtroom encounter, each parent (or their respective attorneys) may call witnesses—like therapists, teachers, family members, or others—to talk about different topics related to child custody.

Additionally, each parent may have to discuss their financial records and housing situation so the court can understand the child’s potential future home life. For example, the court will need to know if one parent frequently moves or travels for work to decide if this is the best long-term placement for the child. At the end of the hearing, the judge may decide what conservatorship arrangement makes the most sense for the child, or they may ask the parents to come back to gather more information.

Ideally, the parents will prepare and submit an agreed parenting plan to the judge before the hearing. If the parents do not have one or the submitted draft does not meet the legal requirements, Texas Family Code § 153.134 may allow the judge to grant the parents joint managing conservators if it is best for the children. Likewise, the court also has the authority to award sole managing conservatorship to one parent or a nonparent, as required, based on the law and the best interests of the children.

Get in Touch With a Frisco Attorney for Help With a Custody Hearing

The Frisco child custody hearings process can feel overwhelming and disempowering, especially without the guidance of a knowledgeable lawyer. Our family attorney could help you understand the terms of agreement, actions for when an ex is not cooperating, or how to file certain documents and when. A reputable attorney could advocate for you and your children during this time and provide you with compassionate support and guidance.

We truly value you throughout separating from your ex and creating a co-parenting structure that benefits your children. When you do not know where to turn in a custody dispute, turn to us. Contact us today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to learn about your options.

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