There are many reasons a person may want to relocate to a different state or country, temporarily or permanently. When there are children and custody arrangements involved, the process becomes even more complex.

In many situations, child custody arrangements are already a highly emotionally charged court proceeding. Seeking the court’s approval to relocate can be stressful and emotionally draining for everyone involved. Call a compassionate Frisco relocation lawyer for more information or help with your case.

Child Custody Modification for a Relocation

Texas is a conservatorship or child custody state; this means that under most circumstances, it seeks to award joint custody to ensure children spend equal time with both parents, even when one parent has primary physical custody. A parent does not have legal authorization to move until they address the custody arrangement with the co-parent and seek final approval from the family court.

When one parent refuses to approve the relocation request, the other must petition the court to request a hearing. The court will review the evidence from each parent and may approve or reject the request according to what it believes is in the best interest of the children.

The Best Interest of the Children

The family court has no statutes explicitly addressing relocation. However, according to the Tex. Fam. Code § 153.002, all legal and physical custody or visitation arrangement orders are based on the children’s best interest. There is no standard legal definition of “best interest”; the term refers to the family court’s deliberation before issuing orders regarding children.

Whether seeking an initial custody arrangement, visitation, or relocation, the family court judge considers how the agreement benefits the children’s emotional and mental health, well-being, and growth. A Frisco relocation attorney could review the relevant statutes and help build a solid case for the hearing.

Child Relocation Process for Current Custody Arrangements

Since child relocation can substantially affect co-parenting relationships and custody arrangements, custody orders commonly include restrictions involving moving or relocating with the children. The family court must approve the move either way and will hold hearings to allow the parents to present their case.

Some common reasons the court may authorize relocations include:

  • More family support at the new location
  • Improved education opportunities for the children
  • One parent fails to adhere to the custody or visitation agreement
  • Improved treatment or medical care for a child’s medical condition or disability
  • More opportunities for the children at a new location because of their skills or talent
  • A custodial parent has an offer of employment out of state that would provide the children with improved opportunities

No matter what their unique circumstances may be, a relocation lawyer in Frisco could help a parent reach the best potential outcome in their case. Whether a parent is requesting the relocation or objecting to the move, speaking with a skilled legal professional is wise.

Schedule a Meeting With a Qualified Frisco Relocation Attorney

A new job, family emergency, or new opportunities for the children may all be reasons for wishing to relocate. Due to child custody and co-parenting situations, the process for the family court’s approval for a move can be challenging.

A dedicated and knowledgeable Frisco relocation lawyer understands how the proceedings work. We are here to help protect your rights and children’s best interests. To review your legal rights and responsibilities and receive sound legal advice throughout the process, contact our firm now.

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