While many see prenuptial agreements in a negative light, as if the couple is preparing for divorce, these marital contracts provide many protections for both spouses. Not only do martial agreements allow you to protect your assets and adult children. They also help to avoid ongoing disputes if a marriage ends.

Making appropriate legal arrangements can also help protect your assets and personal property from creditors, and many people choose to include the contracts as part of their estate plan. Call a Frisco prenuptial agreements lawyer from Towson Law Firm, PLLC, for more information. Our trusted marital agreement attorney is ready to help.

What Is a Prenuptial Agreement?

Prenuptial agreements or prenups are contracts two people enter into before their marriage for the family court to enforce should they divorce. Marital agreements can address many issues, including the separation of marital property and debt, spousal support arrangements or waivers, and even agreements about the way finances should be handled during the marriage.

The documents can also address life insurance policies, retirement accounts, trusts, inheritance, et cetera. Another common and effective martial arrangement is a postnuptial agreement; the most significant difference is that people draft and execute these legal documents after marriage. A Frisco attorney from our firm can help a couple determine whether a prenuptial agreement is suitable for their situation and what terms it should address.

Prenuptial Agreements for Later-in-Life Marriages

Prenuptial agreements are a sound idea for those getting married later in life. Whether a second or subsequent marriage, many have acquired years of property and savings and have children from previous marriages to protect.

When individuals entering a union want to ensure their adult children inherit a portion of assets, they can include instructions in the prenup. Marital agreements are an effective and valuable estate planning tool with many potential uses and benefits. A Frisco prenuptial agreements attorney could answer questions and draft legal documents in compliance with state laws.

Ensuring a Prenuptial Agreement Is Legally Enforceable

Marital contracts, whether a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, must comply with Texas statutes, or the family court will not enforce them during divorce proceedings. According to the Texas Family Code § 4.006, enforceable prenuptial contracts must be signed voluntarily by both parties.

The agreement must also include honest financial data, including debts and assets, and must be fair to both parties. Additionally, neither party can legally waive their right to fairness, and both parties should have the option to seek legal counsel before signing.

One essential note is that prenups with verbiage regarding child custody and support are unenforceable. The spouses and family courts determine legal arrangements regarding minor children at the time of divorce to ensure they are in their best interest at that time. A Prenuptial agreements attorney in Frisco could answer questions about applicable statutes and review options during a consultation.

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Marital agreements can be excellent estate planning tools to protect your assets, loved ones, and future, as well as make other vital decisions if you and your spouse should divorce. A skilled Frisco prenuptial agreements lawyer could answer your questions and provide sound legal advice to help prepare effective contracts in compliance with state laws. Call Towson Law Firm, PLLC today to schedule a consultation to review your options.

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