Even when couples split on the friendliest of terms, there can be disagreements over issues related to child custody. No parent wants to lose their bond with their child, so they might want to fight for custody to maintain their relationship.

Texas law recognizes two distinct types of custody: physical and legal. Physical custody addresses where a child will live after a separation, while legal custody involves which parent has decision-making authority regarding the child. Even if one parent has primary or sole physical custody, both parents could share legal child custody in The Colony.

If you have further questions about legal child custody and what that means for your family, a diligent child custody attorney is here to discuss the available arrangements. Our dedicated attorney could help support your rights to legal custody of your children. Call today to schedule a consultation with a compassionate legal advocate.

Understanding Legal Custody in The Colony

Minor children cannot make legal decisions on their own relating to their upbringing. When a parent has legal custody, they have the authority to decide critical matters in a child’s life. Parents with legal custody often determine the following issues:

  • Education – Parents with legal custody can decide whether their child attends a public, private, or home school. They can also have a say in whether their child attends class trips, such as overnight field trips
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Medical care – Parents can determine which pediatrician to see and whether their child will receive routine vaccinations
  • Religion, such as whether to regularly bring their children to a church, temple, or other places of worship

Even when a parent does not have primary physical custody, they can still be involved in major decisions about their child’s life if they have legal custody. For instance, a noncustodial parent with legal custody could have a say over whether their child attends parochial school even if the parent lives in another state.

In addition, parents with legal custody can participate in decisions regarding important matters about their kids, even if they do not have as much money as the other parent. For example, a parent with shared legal custody could help determine whether their child gets braces, even if the other parent would be responsible for the bulk of the cost.

A knowledgeable legal representative serving The Colony could help answer any questions that a parent has about legal custody.

Legal Custody Can Be Shared or Sole

Most families in The Colony share legal custody, even when only one parent has primary physical custody. However, in certain situations, one parent might be able to obtain sole legal custody if they can convince a judge that it is in the child’s best interests. If the parent has a history of abusing or neglecting their child, a court might determine they should not have legal custody. If a parent has not had a meaningful relationship with the child for several years, a judge might conclude that the parent has abandoned the child and should not have a say in legal matters involving the child.

In addition, a court might award sole physical and legal custody to one parent if the parents have a history of refusing to work together. The court might conclude that their bickering over every matter could cause harm to the child. A skilled attorney could help a parent in The Colony prove their case and advocate for their right to legal custody.

Contact an Attorney in The Colony About Legal Child Custody

Establishing legal custody can be a great way to maintain a relationship with your child, even if you do not have primary physical custody. Legal custody gives you a say in how they are raised, even if you cannot see your children every day.

If you need help establishing or maintaining legal child custody in The Colony, contact an established legal professional who is willing to fight for your rights. A lawyer could also help if you and your ex-partner cannot resolve a dispute about a particular legal decision in the child’s upbringing. Call today to get started.

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