As the parent of a minor child, state law requires you to provide that child with financial support. If you are not married to the child’s other parent, the court has likely ordered one or both of you to make monthly child support payments.

Sometimes, the terms of a child support order are no longer reasonable. When this happens, a modification could be your best option. With the help of a dedicated child support lawyer, you could modify the terms of the agreement to ensure you are treated fairly while your child receives the support they require. Let a child support modification lawyer in The Colony assist you with this process and advise you of your legal options today.

The Appropriate Time to Modify a Support Order

The courts will not agree to modify the terms of a child support order without a valid reason. These orders are final, meaning that while modification is possible, the court will not agree to do so unless circumstances have greatly changed. An attorney serving The Colony could advise when child support modification is an option.

For the court to agree to modify child support, the parent seeking the change must show that there has been a substantial and material change in circumstances. This change in circumstances cannot be minor; it must alter the scope of a parent or child’s life in a meaningful way. Some of the most common examples of material changes in circumstance include:

  • Non-temporary loss of employment
  • Notable decrease or increase in income
  • New health complications for the child
  • Sudden and unexpected increase in childcare costs
  • Diagnosis of a special need by the child
  • Serious injury or illness of the parents or child
  • Change in the custody agreement

It should be noted that both parents have the right to seek the modification of a child support order. This modification could be something that impacts the child, but it could also be an issue related to either parent as well. Parents are also not restricted in the change they are seeking. For instance, a parent could ask that the amount of child support be increased or decreased.

The Process of Seeking Modifications

There are different ways to go about modifying child support obligations in The Colony. In some cases, both sides might agree that modification is appropriate. In others, this issue could be disputed. The assistance of a child support modification attorney in The Colony could prove vital in either situation.

This process can be relatively straightforward when both parties agree that modification is necessary. For example, if one parent agrees to pay more in child support after a sudden increase in income, the parties could jointly request a modification. The court is unlikely to deny a change sought by both parents.

When modification cannot be agreed upon, the parent seeking the change must file a petition with the court. If a modification motion is successful, the court will only alter what is owed moving forward. That means securing retroactive modifications to a child support order is not possible.

Get Help from a Child Support Modification Attorney in The Colony Today

Circumstances in life can change, and these changes could make your previous child support order obsolete. To ensure your child has the financial support they need, modifying that agreement might be necessary.

A child support modification lawyer serving The Colony is ready to help. They could help you seek modifications that protect and serve your child’s best interests. Reach out right away for a confidential consultation.

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