More and more couples are choosing to sign postnuptial agreements. Postnups are marital agreements that couples enter into after getting married. They can help facilitate transparency in some marriages because they allow spouses to settle disputes regarding management, control, and ownership of assets and finances.

If you are considering entering into a postnuptial agreement with your spouse, it may be in your best interests to discuss your concerns with a knowledgeable legal professional. A seasoned postnuptial agreements lawyer in The Colony has extensive experience drafting fair spousal contracts. Let Attorney Matt Towson draft a postnup on your behalf or review and analyze the terms of a contract drafted by your spouse’s attorney. In the unfortunate event of a divorce, he could also help you litigate the fairness and validity of a postnuptial contract.

Benefits of a Postnuptial Agreement

Some couples enter into postnuptial agreements to revise the terms of a previously signed prenuptial contract due to a change in circumstances, but others enter into postnups without having a prenup already in place.

Many married couples find it awkward to bring up the idea of a potential separation but may find that addressing financial matters openly relieves tension in the marriage and promotes transparent communication between spouses. Postnuptial contracts can also:

  • Help avoid contention in the event of a divorce by clarifying how to divide marital property
  • Address issues related to alimony
  • Protect the property inheritance rights of children from prior relationships
  • Protect one spouse from having to assume the other’s debt.
  • Address great financial disparity when one spouse earns a high salary working outside the home while the other stays home to care for the couple’s children
  • Protect separate ownership of gifts and inheritance

A well-versed attorney in The Colony understands how challenging it can be to discuss the potential dissolution of a marriage. They would use their knowledge and experience to make the drafting process as painless and expeditious as possible.

Legal Requirements and Limitations for a Postnup in The Colony

Although postnups can help married couples, they must meet strict requirements under Texas law to be legally enforceable and binding on both parties. The postnuptial agreement needs to be in writing and fair to both parties, and there cannot be any pressure, fraud, or duress to get one spouse to sign. None of the terms of the post-marital contract can be unconscionable or misleading. Both spouses must also fully disclose their assets and debts.

Importantly, couples who know that they are about to divorce cannot enter into a postnup in order to save themselves the trouble of divorce negotiations, and postnuptial contracts in Texas cannot contain any terms related to or regarding child support or child custody.

A local lawyer would have extensive experience drafting fair and legally binding postnup agreements. They would know what a postnuptial contract needs to include and what it cannot include.

Reach out to a Postnuptial Agreements Attorney in The Colony Today

Although nobody wants to think about splitting up, many marriages end in divorce. It is wise to be practical today to save yourself from potential headaches in the future. Postnups can spare couples the time, aggravation, and expense of a messy divorce proceeding.

Meet with a postnuptial agreements lawyer in The Colony today to see if pursuing a marital contract with your spouse is a good idea for your family.

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