Divorce has earned a reputation for being a difficult and emotionally draining process. While contentious disputes are never easy, it is important to understand that dissolving a marriage does not always have to be drawn out and challenging.

Thankfully, there are alternatives to traditional divorce in Frisco. These options can cost less, avoid delays, and allow for a more amicable approach to the end of a relationship. Let a dedicated divorce attorney walk you through these options.

Collaborative Divorce

There are ways to complete the divorce process by working together instead of butting heads. Under state law, it is possible to rely on an approach called collaborative divorce.

This option involves both parties having their own legal counsel and working towards a negotiated settlement they can each accept. These negotiations take place outside of the standard courtroom process, but they can involve a number of experts and facilitators, including custody evaluators, real estate appraisers, and mental health professionals.

The end result is a divorce decree with limited court appearances in Frisco and no litigation. If things fall apart along the way, the traditional method is still available.


Many people rely on a process known as mediation instead of the standard way couples end their marriage for many years. Instead of going through litigation and fighting over every major issue in court, the parties rely on a neutral third party to help them reach common ground.

Mediators are often retired judges with experience handling family law cases. Their role is not to decide the outcome of the case, but to work with each side to get a resolution that both can agree on.

This process can play out with every party in the same room. It might also involve the parties in separate spaces, with a mediator going back and forth between the two. These efforts frequently result in agreements that did not seem possible previously.

When mediation in Frisco does not work, traditional divorce is still on the table. The outcome must be agreed upon by both sides, so there is no way to force the other spouse to resolve things this way.

Remaining Married While Separated

Although some states recognize formal separation agreements, that is not the case here. Despite this reality, the law does provide tools for two people who wish to live separate lives but remain married to reach a degree of financial independence, similar to a divorce.

Once a couple decides they will no longer live together, they face the same complications as divorcing spouses. There are property division issues to address, as well as spousal support in some cases. One of the best ways to address these issues is through something known as a partition and exchange agreement.

These documents are effectively postnuptial agreements. They are contracts that allow spouses to come to a binding agreement over how property is divided and whether one side will make support payments to the other. All the while, the two remain legally married. While this may seem untraditional, many spouses in Frisco find this to be an effective divorce alternative.

Speak With an Attorney in Frisco About Traditional Divorce Alternatives

If you prefer to end your marriage without a lengthy conflict, there are a number of alternatives to traditional divorce in Frisco at your disposal. From mediation to collaborative divorce, the right attorney could help you find the right option. Call right away to learn more.

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