Ending your marriage may be the right move, however difficult, for you and your spouse. Still, the legal process of divorce can feel confusing and overwhelming, especially because of the emotions and unfamiliar court proceedings involved. If you or your spouse filed for divorce, you can find peace of mind and closure by working with a seasoned divorce attorney.

A Frisco LGBTQ divorce lawyer on our team could patiently collaborate with you as you seek to end your marriage legally. We understand that this might be an emotionally charged time, but our experienced negotiators have the tools to help you and your spouse amicably end your union. Many clients seeking to end a same-sex or non-traditional marriage have trusted our skilled attorneys to help them through the process in an empowering and compassionate way.

Can Someone Get Divorced in Texas if They Were Married Somewhere Else?

Under federal law, all states must recognize legally valid marriages, regardless of whether that particular state allows it. This issue commonly arises in same-sex unions. In other words, if two people were married in a state where same-sex couples can marry, the state of Texas must also recognize the union, even if it occurred before Texas legally allowed same-sex marriages. Likewise, every state must allow lawfully married people to get divorced, as long as they meet the residency or other requirements.

The same applies when two people obtain a marriage license in another country. If that marriage is valid and would be recognized in a state in the United States, everywhere in the nation must honor it, too. Those who have questions about these or other federal laws concerning the right to marry and divorce will benefit from talking to a Frisco attorney with a concentration in LGBTQ law.

Grounds for Divorce

The Texas Family Code § 6.001 through 6.008 explains the reasons people could seek to end their marriages in Texas. Under the no-fault option, also known as insupportable marriage, people may get divorced because the relationship is rife with disagreements and conflicts, leaving no hope for resolving these issues.

Alternatively, the fault-based grounds for divorce include:

  • Cruelty
  • Adultery
  • A felony conviction
  • Mental health confinement
  • Abandonment for a year or more
  • Living separately for at least three years

Each of these allegations has separate requirements someone needs to meet to qualify. For example, to get a divorce based on a felony conviction, one of the criteria is that the spouse is in prison for at least one year, and the conviction must not be based on the testimony of the other spouse.

Knowing what to file and when can be challenging to figure out, especially while also managing the day-to-day obligations of living, such as going to work, picking up the kids from school, and running errands. LGBTQ divorce attorneys help people in Frisco understand their legal rights, mediate, and successfully settle a divorce with as little added conflict as possible.

Call an LGBTQ Divorce Attorney in Frisco for Assistance

When you are in the process of ending your marriage or considering filing for divorce, it is essential to be as prepared as possible. For example, you might want to know your filing deadlines, where to submit the case, and what child custody and property division might look like. Instead of solely relying on your own research while also juggling the emotional and financial aspects of getting divorced, consider working with our trusted team.

Towson Law Firm, PLLC practices family law the right way by empowering our clients to strive for solutions rather than creating problems or disagreements where there might not be any. We welcome the chance to meet with you to see how we could help you amicably end your marriage and begin this next chapter in your life. Contact a Frisco LGBTQ divorce lawyer to schedule a free initial consultation.

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