Commonly referred to as a custody agreement, a parenting plan is a formal document dictating how either parent will maintain their child’s welfare after divorce. These plans are an essential part of separation for any couple with minor children and must be approved by the judge in a final hearing.

Creating a proposed parenting plan in The Colony that considers your family’s best interests as well as maintains legal enforceability can be difficult without the help of a dedicated child custody attorney. Reach out to Towson Law Firm, PLLC, to speak with a trusted legal advocate.

What Should a Parenting Plan Include?

Every parenting plan enforced by Texas courts must prioritize the best interest of the child in question. These custody agreements should account for a child’s needs while setting parameters on how parents will make important decisions in their lives. There are four primary factors a parenting plan should address.


Known as custody in other states, a conservatorship is the right and obligation of a parent to make decisions on the child’s behalf and see to their basic needs. There are two types of conservatorships: possessory and managing. Managing conservatorships give parents the right to decide where their kids go to school, what religion they are brought up in, and how their medical needs are met. Possessory conservatorship determines where a child lives. A parenting plan should address both types of conservatorships.


In addition to the rights of conservatorship, a parenting plan should also set out a schedule. This schedule should determine when each parent spends time with the child and should take into account weekends, weekdays, and holidays.

Child Support

The parent who does not have physical custody of a child most of the time will typically owe child support. The support amount set out in the parenting plan is generally a percentage of the paying parent’s income.

Health Insurance

Parenting plans also typically determine which parent is responsible for the health insurance of the minor children. This obligation often falls to the parent paying child support.

Parents in The Colony who are creating a parenting plan should work with an experienced attorney to ensure they address all vital concerns the court considers.

Common Parenting Plan Provisions

A parenting plan contains more information than the bare-bones determination of custody. These agreements often have an array of terms both spouses agree to. For example, it is not uncommon for a parenting plan to include requirements that a child must leave a visit with the same items they came with or for a parent to provide notice if they cannot take possession of a child as previously agreed.

Additionally, plans often spell out how a child’s day will be spent. For example, they could go into detail regarding which parent will pick up a child from school and which one will drop them off. These plans may also include terms that allow designated adults other than the parents to pick up a child from home or school. Our trusted team can help parents in and around The Colony determine which elements should be included in their parenting plan.

Let Our Team Help You Create Your Parenting Plan in The Colony

While it is not required, working with a seasoned legal advocate during the process of creating a parenting plan in The Colony or elsewhere in the state is the best way to ensure you and your family’s best interests are maintained and protected. Reach out to Towson Law Firm, PLLC, to begin reviewing the details of your situation.

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