In the immediate aftermath of a separation, former couples will not always agree on everything. Divorce can become more complicated when kids are involved, as both parties might feel they are the more fit parent. However, contentious custody disagreements between parents can hurt the children more than help them. If the parents can collaborate to reach a child custody arrangement, it often sets the stage for a better co-parenting relationship. Our experienced child custody attorney could help you negotiate custody agreements with your former partner. If you both agree on a custody arrangement, they could present it to a judge for court approval.

When you and your former spouse cannot agree on a parenting plan, a court will determine custody issues, meaning you might need to present your case to a judge in a hearing. The Colony child custody hearings may seem frightening, but a skilled lawyer from our firm could guide you through the process and help you work toward a custody arrangement that works for you and your children.

Types of Questions A Judge Might Ask at The Colony Custody Hearings

A judge might want each parent to testify so they can get a clearer picture of the parenting situation. They might ask each parent questions about the following:

  • The parent’s financial situation – can the parent provide for the child now, and can they continue to provide adequately in the future?
  • The parent’s desired visitation or custody schedule
  • The parent’s relationship with the children
  • History of involvement in the child’s upbringing, such as whether the parent was a stay-at-home parent or contributed more to the upbringing before the parental separation and whether the parent attended the child’s birthday parties, concerts, or sporting events
  • The parent’s lifestyle and whether they could provide a stable environment
  • What the parent plans to do for childcare when they are at work or away from home
  • Whether the child has a relationship with extended family members
  • Plans to stay in the area or move
  • Whether the parent has a history of substance abuse
  • Whether the parent has a criminal record, in particular involving domestic abuse
  • The state of the parent’s physical and mental health

A judge might also want to know about the kind of relationship the parents have with each other, and ask the parents whether they are flexible and willing to work with each other. From here, the court will decide on a custody arrangement by considering all factors and determining what is in the children’s best interests.

A skilled attorney in The Colony could prepare a parent for a child custody hearing by helping them compose thoughtful and clear responses to possible questions.

Other Parties Who Could Speak at The Colony Custody Hearings

Many other people could also speak at a child custody hearing. A concerned parent should gather a list of people who might be willing to testify on their behalf, such as family members, neighbors, babysitters, and other people familiar with the parent’s parenting style and practices. The other parent might also have witnesses who speak. Child psychologists and child protective services representatives might also participate if they are familiar with the family. If the child is at least 12 years old, the court might ask what they wish to do and whom they wish to live with.

In preparation for a hearing, a child custody lawyer serving The Colony could help a parent assemble and prepare witnesses who know about the parent’s involvement in the child’s life and could provide helpful examples.

Discuss Child Custody Hearings in The Colony With an Attorney Today

Preparing for child custody hearings in The Colony can be intimidating when you do not know what to expect. Working with an experienced legal professional could prove highly beneficial, as they could guide you through every step of the process. An attorney from our firm is here to stand by your side as you work towards a positive outcome for your children and family. Schedule a confidential consultation by reaching out today.

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