Many couples opt for collaborative divorce as it avoids an emotionally charged battle. For couples seeking to dissolve their marriage without litigation, the Collaborative Family Law Act allows couples to use a non-adversarial means to resolve disputes about the dissolution of their marriage with assistance from an experienced divorce attorney.

Not only is collaborative divorce a more cost-efficient way to separate from your spouse legally, but it also protects your privacy throughout the process. To learn more about the benefits and requirements of filing for a collaborative divorce, talk to a collaborative divorce lawyer in The Colony who practices law with compassion and will not look to start fights where none exist.

Filing for Collaborative Divorce

The state’s Collaborative Family Law Act can save a divorcing couple a significant amount of time, money, and stress when both spouses agree to make decisions about their divorce agreement together through this process. The collaborative divorce approach is based on three principles:

  • No intervention from the court or judge
  • Transparency and full disclosure among parties
  • Interest-based negotiation

Once the couple decides to file for a collaborative divorce, their attorney could file a Notice of Collaborative Law Procedures. The couple will then participate in a series of meetings to resolve issues like child custody, division of assets, spousal support, and other issues that may arise. Most collaborative divorce cases can be resolved in four to six meetings, which is much shorter than the average litigated divorce, and a collaborative divorce lawyer in The Colony could help prepare clients for these meetings.

Determining Whether Collaborative Divorce is a Good Fit

Collaborative divorce minimizes the more contentious aspects of the typical divorce litigation process, and it is a way for the couple to preserve their relationships with children, extended family members, mutual friends, and business or professional partners.

There are some key advantages to filing for collaborative divorce instead of litigating the dispute to consider.

Save Time and Money

Divorces where the couple does not agree on important issues like child custody and division of property spend a significant amount of time and money resolving these issues in court. With the collaborative approach, many clients see a reduced cost because disputes are resolved in a more efficient manner.

Preserve Confidentiality and Privacy

The collaborative process is more confidential than court proceedings, which are public records. For couples in the public eye or with valuable assets, a collaborative divorce can help preserve their privacy and confidentiality.

Protect Relationships

When couples are deciding the terms of their divorce in the collaborative process, it is more friendly than traditional litigation, where both sides feel they are against each other. A lawyer could help the client work with their spouse to resolve disputes that arise, which in turn can protect relationships with each other, their children, and other significant family or friends.

An attorney in The Colony could help a couple determine whether a collaborative divorce is the right choice.

Retain a Collaborative Divorce Attorney in The Colony

The divorce process does not have to be messy and contentious, and it is better for couples, their children, and loved ones when spouses can resolve their divorce terms in a non-adversarial way.

To determine whether a collaborative divorce is right for you and your spouse, talk to a collaborative divorce lawyer in The Colony. We understand the advantages and disadvantages of the collaborative approach and could help you seek the divorce arrangement that best meets your needs and goals. Contact our office to schedule a confidential consultation.

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