Even if you and your spouse mutually agree to get divorced, it is still a highly emotional and challenging process to go through. However, there are some steps you can take to empower yourself before starting the Texas divorce court process. Planning now could give you a sense of control over your post-divorce life and help reduce any feelings of sorrow.

Divorces entail a lot of questions about assets, especially in Texas, which is one of nine community property states. Generally, property acquired during the marriage is considered shared property between both spouses, which can lead to contentious and lengthy negotiations when determining who gets what. Additionally, many arguments may arise when deciding how to split assets and finances. Our experienced divorce attorney understands what you are going through and what could happen during this trying time. We want to help with your preparation for divorce in The Colony today. Contact our firm to schedule a consultation with a compassionate legal professional.


When preparing for a divorce in The Colony, it is wise for both parties to have accounts of their own that the other spouse cannot access. Change all financial passwords and PINs. If both spouses cannot amicably close joint accounts, the spouse who first withdraws from a joint account should leave at least half for the other spouse, or they may face repercussions from the judge.

Credit and Vengeful Spouses

It is wise to remove estranged spouses from credit cards on which they are authorized users. This is because they can charge with them but may not be responsible for paying them. There have been many instances when vengeful spouses take loans out or run up credit card debt, so monitor credit reports carefully.

Pay Minimums on Bills

Although it will be difficult to pay all the household bills at first, do not be tempted to forego them. Failure to pay a mortgage can lead to foreclosure. Failure to pay the minimum on credit cards can affect credit ratings and make it harder to build a new life.

Untangling Accounts

Many couples share email accounts and know each other’s passwords. Make sure to get a new email account with a new password during preparations for divorce in The Colony. One spouse may stay in the marital home while the other moves out, which allows the remaining spouse to intercept important communications from divorce lawyers. The departing spouse should arrange to have mail sent to a friend or family member’s address or rent a Post Office Box.

In addition to financial sites, change all passwords used in internet shops, email, and social media sites. Changing social media names and profiles may keep a vengeful spouse from harassing an ex but deleting incriminating pictures or messages a spouse is aware of can lead to the judge levying sanctions for tampering with evidence.

Additional Actions to Take Before Divorce

Other actions will help a divorcing spouse organize and prepare for court proceedings in The Colony. In addition to untangling joint accounts and keeping other information private, a divorcing spouse should:

  • Keep a diary or notebook of all interactions with the estranged spouse, including custody arrangements, meetings with attorneys, court dates, bills both parties paid separately or jointly, and anything else that may be important
  • Make or update a will because until the divorce is final, a spouse can get everything
  • Divorce is a stressful life event, and taking care of health issues is essential
  • Consider custody issues
  • Meet with an attorney who can suggest what documents need to be collected as soon as possible, including financial assets, loans, deeds, retirement accounts, etc.

The court will require a comprehensive accounting of assets to determine if they are separate or joint, so consulting with an aggressive lawyer is critical in preparation for divorce in The Colony.

Discuss Preparation for Divorce in The Colony with an Attorney

Divorce is unpleasant and stressful, no matter how relieved you might be to get a new start in life. Even if your split is amicable, you should take several protective actions while working with an experienced attorney. While many actions revolve around your finances, others could help ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible.

You have many things to consider during this stressful time. Our team has dealt with many cases involving unsuspecting spouses being caught off guard and unprepared. We do not want that to happen to you. Contact a knowledgeable attorney at our firm who could guide your preparations for divorce in The Colony.

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