Because women are seen as natural caregivers, mothers are often granted custody over children in a divorce. Due to this, many fathers feel as though the family law system is predisposed against them. The law is not written to favor mothers in custody disputes, but it is not uncommon for fathers to feel that there is an unfair bias from the court. This does not have to be the outcome in your case.

With aggressive legal representation, you could more effectively enforce your rights as a father and protect your relationship with your children. With a dedicated family attorney as your advocate, you could fight to ensure the retention of custody or visitation rights. Discuss your options with a father’s rights lawyer serving The Colony today.

Rights for Unmarried Fathers

A father does not have inherent parental rights if they are not married to the child’s mother. This lack of rights remains the case unless paternity is established.

There are a handful of ways for a father to establish paternity. If the mother does not dispute that an individual is the biological father, both parties can voluntarily sign an acknowledgment of paternity. Once signed, the courts allow the father to pursue these rights.

If the parties cannot reach a mutual agreement, either side has the option to petition the court for an involuntary paternity hearing. These hearings typically involve the use of DNA testing to confirm the identity of the biological father. If someone needs legal guidance through either of these processes, an attorney in The Colony could assist with establishing a father’s rights.

Rights after Divorce

During or after a divorce, a father has the right to seek custody or visitation of their minor child. When the court ultimately decides on child support or custody matters, they do so while keeping the child’s best interests in mind. Building a solid relationship with both parents is essential for children, and a father could show the court that they are emotionally and financially able to provide for their child as needed.

One of the most challenging circumstances a father may face is any interference in their relationship with their child. While it is true that misunderstandings happen, some interference may occur because of active obstruction by a co-parent or former spouse. This interference could sour a father’s relationship with their child and cause long-term damage if left unresolved.

A father’s rights attorney in The Colony could help pursue court intervention with a co-parent who is not fulfilling their responsibilities in a divorce order or custody decree. This could involve holding a former spouse in contempt of court if they continue to violate the terms of the order willfully.

Contact a Father’s Rights Attorney Serving The Colony

Having a relationship with your children is extremely important. By enforcing your legal rights as a parent, you could give yourself a chance to develop and strengthen that relationship.

Do not put your rights as a parent at risk. Reach out to a father’s rights lawyer in The Colony as soon as possible to discuss your options.

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