Although a divorce signifies the end of your relationship with your spouse, it does not have to be the end of your relationship with your children. Despite having rights as a mother, you may not get the custody you desire without a proper defense.

Do not leave your relationship with your children to chance. A dedicated attorney could help you protect your maternal rights and fight for the most favorable outcome possible in your unique case. Let a mother’s rights lawyer in The Colony defend your voice when it comes to your family.

Custody Laws Do Not Favor Either Parent

While courts commonly grant the mother custody over the children, there is nothing in the law that favors the mother when it comes to matters of child support, custody, or visitation.

The courts will determine child custody or support issues based on the child’s best interest. Under this standard, the rights of each parent are considered, but fall secondary to the needs of the minor child in question. A knowledgeable attorney in The Colony could evaluate the situation and discuss the mother’s rights and legal options.

Rights of Unmarried Mothers

There are circumstances to note in which a mother automatically obtains full parental rights over their minor children. This occurs in cases where two unmarried people have a child together, and paternity has not yet been established. The unmarried mother will have sole custody of their minor children until paternity is determined.

There are two different ways to establish paternity under state law- voluntarily and involuntarily. Voluntary paternity is possible when both the mother and the father agree on the identity of the biological father. When the parties cannot agree, involuntary paternity proceedings may be necessary. This process involves a DNA test to determine if there is a genetic link between the proposed father and the child. In either situation, the guidance of a mother’s rights attorney in The Colony may prove beneficial in maneuvering these complicated legal processes.

Custody and Visitation After Divorce

Visitation and custody are the most common issues that surround divorce. When a marriage ends, the courts will ultimately decide whether one or both parents will have custody rights, and they do so by considering a range of factors such as:

  • Emotional needs of the child
  • Stability of each parent’s home
  • History of abuse
  • Parent’s ability to care for the child
  • Past and current relationship with the child

In most cases, the court will attempt to provide both parents with rights to the children. This could come in the form of joint custody, or with visitation rights to the parent that is not granted custody. A mother generally has the right to some form of visitation with their child—supervised or otherwise—unless their parental rights are severed. A skilled attorney in The Colony could help a mother fight to enforce her custody rights in a divorce settlement.

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As a mother, the most important thing in your life is your children. Whether you are going through a divorce or facing a custody dispute, the guidance of skilled legal counsel could help you protect your maternal rights.

The right to be in your child’s life is worth protecting. Reach out to a mother’s rights lawyer in The Colony today to get started.

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