The adoption process is challenging: it can be long, exhausting, and entails taking on significant financial obligations. Adoption is also one of the most rewarding events in the life of a family. While satisfying all the legal requirements and keeping all the paperwork in order can be difficult, an experienced Frisco adoption lawyer can help. Speak with our local family law firm today to review your options and protect your legal rights throughout the proceedings.

Legal Requirements To Adopt a Child in Texas

In Texas, both married and single adults can apply to adopt a child, as long as they meet the following requirements:

  • Be over 21 years old
  • Provide proof of marital status
  • Be mature and financially stable
  • Complete the home study process
  • Provide the required number of references
  • Submit an application and undergo a thorough background check

An experienced Frisco adoption attorney can help potential parents prove their suitability and submit their application.

Common Adoption Scenarios

Depending on a family’s unique circumstances, there are several types of adoptions. In each scenario, the potential parent petitions the court to request the adoption; some of the most common include:

  • A guardian with legal custody petitions the court for adoption with parental consent
  • A stepparent adopts a child without parental consent after the court has terminated the parental rights of the biological parents
  • A stepparent petitions the court for adoption without the termination of either biological parent’s parental rights
  • Someone else adopts the child after the voluntary or involuntary termination of parental rights

While in many situations, the family court requires the child to live with the potential adoptive parent for six months, it may waive the requirement depending on the circumstances. A Frisco adoption attorney could answer questions about the different processes for each option during a consultation.

Open Adoption in Texas

In open adoption arrangements, the birth parents and adoptive parents agree to discuss the adoption arrangement openly, whether individually, through an agency, or with attorneys. The names of all parents are known during the adoption process and after the ’child’s birth.

After the adoption, the child and all their parents can become an extended family, which allows everyone to work toward what is best for the child. They can also agree to a limited amount of contact, which might entail exchanging pictures or yearly phone conversations. Open arrangements can give the child the advantage of having love and security from their adoptive family while also understanding where they came from. For help creating a suitable open adoption arrangement, speak with a Frisco adoption attorney.

Financial Support for Mothers During the Adoption Process

A pregnant mother giving their child up for adoption is often concerned about their medical bills and finances while they are pregnant. According to Texas Penal Code § 25.08, an adoption agency may provide financial assistance to a mother carrying a child who is preparing to give their baby up for adoption. Under the statute, only a licensed adoption agency can legally provide support for approved expenses.

Such costs may include living expenses, medical bills, counseling services, and legal fees. Living expenses cover rent, food, and transportation, and may begin from when a mother contacts an agency until six weeks after birth. An adoption attorney in Frisco could provide sound legal guidance throughout the process.

Call a Qualified Frisco Adoption Attorney Today

Depending on a family’s unique desires and circumstances, the adoption process can vary greatly. The proceedings can also be confusing—and seem endless—for people who have never experienced it.

A seasoned Frisco adoption lawyer could provide legal advice and protect your rights throughout the process, from the initial petition all the way until the child is adopted. Call soon to schedule a consultation and review your options. We are always here for you.

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