As a father, the state of Texas recognizes the importance of your influence on your children and encourages you to stay involved—even if the relationship with the children’s mother does not work out. Custody laws no longer automatically grant custody to mothers; instead, they consider both parents as beneficial caregivers, seeking only what is best for the children. There are even protections for fathers if mothers with primary custody remarry and move or accept a job outside of the state. A skilled family attorney could help fathers navigate these issues.

Your involvement with your children does not have to end when the romantic relationship does. If you are divorcing and share children or were never married and need help establishing paternity and parental rights, a Frisco father’s rights lawyer could be of service.

Establishing an Unmarried Father’s Rights

In Texas, if a child’s parents are not married to each other, a father must confirm that he is the biological and legal parent. In many scenarios, when both parents agree on paternity, they can voluntarily execute an Acknowledgement of Paternity (AOP) to legalize the father’s status.

In situations where one parent disputes the paternity, either of them can submit a petition to adjudicate the parentage in Collin or Denton County, depending on which area of Frisco the child resides. The prospective father may be ordered to take a DNA test. If the test confirms his relation, the judge will set visitation and custody schedules and determine child support payments.

Biological fathers who want to establish their roles in their children’s lives but are not married to the mother should contact a Frisco father’s rights attorney to discuss their circumstances.

Parental Rights in Divorce Proceedings

When married couples have children, Texas assumes the husband is the father, so there is no need to establish paternity if they divorce. The family court will determine each parent’s duties and rights by considering:

  • How a child relates to each parent
  • If any family member has major health issues
  • The extent that each parent can care for their child
  • If the child has any special educational or medical needs and how each parent might meet them

Generally, the courts like to see both parents sharing custody, but they can also assign primary custody to one parent and visitation to the other. Either parent can challenge the court’s presumption for each parent to share custody if there is a good reason, such as allegations and proof of domestic violence, drug use, or any other aggravating factor. A Frisco father’s rights attorney could discuss a father’s situation in depth with him and plan a credible strategy.

The Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act

Texas is one of forty-nine states that have adopted the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act. The act was drafted in 1997 to streamline child custody actions, especially when a parent removes a child to another state or at least 100 miles away. If the mother is moving for a job or new relationship or kidnaps the child when the father has primary custody, the father can challenge these actions as detrimental to the child and argue why in the Texas court with jurisdiction.

Contact a Frisco Father’s Rights Attorney To Protect Your Children

Children are your legacy. They deserve all the care, encouragement, and guidance two parents can give them. Even if the adult relationship does not withstand life’s pressures, your love for your children should. Establishing your parental rights as a dad allows you to share in decision-making for your children’s future and gives you the precious time you need with them to help them grow into responsible adults.

Studies show that the involvement of both parents is important to raise well-rounded children. If your child’s mother is fighting your involvement, denying your paternity, or trying to move your children out of the area, call us now. A Frisco father’s rights lawyer champions fathers who care.

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